Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D) Michigan and Mr. John Cheeks Executive of the United States Citizens Recovberu Initiatuve Alliance go over the DC Recoery Act for the Descendants of American Slaves at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building in Washington, D.C on 2/17/17.

Mr. Cheeks Autographing A Copy of The DC Recovery Act (for A Couple That Are Descendants of Abolitionists). The Were Present to Discuss HR Bill 40 and Other Reparations Initiatives. — at Rayburn House Office Building.

Mr. John C. Cheeks Executive Director of the United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance Preparing To Deliver Copies of The DC Recovery Act 2016 for Living Descendants of American Slaves To Select Members of Congress. All Congress Members, Senators, The White House & DC Local Governmental Officials Will Be Presented With The Illustrious Proposed Legislation Soon. — At The Rayburn House Office Building.

Unprecedented Proposed Law Provides African Americans Reparations and Opportunities to Better Their Lives

On February 10, 2017, proposed legislation was submitted to DC Board of Elections. It is a model for legislators to provide opportunities for previous slave owners, and those that participated in enslavement of African Americans families to make amends.

The proposed legislation submitted by John Cheeks, head of the United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance Inc. (USCRIA), is the first legislation to provide benefits, at no cost to the government or taxpayers. It is also an opportunity for Individual families, industries, businesses, faith based institutions, governments and others. to be held accountable.

The legislation will help descendants of American Slaves, many of who live in poor, underserved, and high crime areas in the United States. The benefits are not handouts, and differ from other historical reparations, such as those given to Japanese citizen entered during WW II and Native Americans

  • Aid to businesses
  • Providing educational opportunities.
  • Improving Health
  • Providing Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance
  • Abuse care
  • Housing Ownership
  • Financial Protection
  • Veterans Rights
  • Credit Acceptance
  • Career Rights

All benefits are designed to improve life for individuals, families and communities. In doing so, the nation benefits.

These benefits will be paid by major U.S. and international corporations, foreign governments which fostered and participated in slave trade. Budgets are being prepared for distribution of funds collected from those entities that participated in some way with slavery. Eligibility criteria have been proposed which include proof by DNA testing, those claiming benefits are 40% descendants of slaves, and they were born in the United States.

Distribution of the benefits has been proposed, in part, to be based on DC Ward populations. Further details are being studied and are schedule to be submitted to the Board of Elections later the end of February,2017. This is necessary for the initiative to be on the November 2017 ballot for the public to vote if such an initiative should be enacted into law.

The proposed law, the DC Recovery Act, objective is to restore identities ,cure injuries, and provide opportunities and justice to families that were subjected to inhumane treatment. The proposed legislation was drafted over a year, by a team of experts and citizens working with USCRIA.

Left to Right: Malik Shabazz, Amy Jenkins, Roussan Etienne. Jr.; presenting arguments before the Board of Elections April 5,2017

At the Board of Election Hearing last week, African American leaders, John Cheeks and Jerry Owens of the United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance (USCRIA.Com) Attorney Malik Z. Shabazz, Amy Jenkins, and others, in a capacity filled room, spoke in support of the proposed law, also supported by Congressman John Conyers though he did not attend; in attempts to have the Board’s approval for the proposed law to be placed on the ballot.

DC’s Attorney General, Karl Racine filed an opposition to have the Act to be on the ballot for voters to determine if it should become law.

Malik Shabazz Esq. of Black Lawyers for Justice stated “we hope that all barriers are soon crossed so to clear a path for his [ for Mr. Cheeks] referendum to be placed on the ballot for 2018.

Amy Jenkins, “The DC Recovery Act attempts to make whole living descendants of African American slaves, and for this we will fight for recovery under the DC Recovery Act” She pointed out that the Constitution was created by white men who favored land owners and themselves and did not allow Africans to vote.

Jerry Owens: “The DC Recovery Act is indeed the rising tide that will lift all ships,”

After hearing supporters, the Board Chairman determined a decision was not to be made at this Hearing because of concerns by board members and the Attorney General, the Act may be unlawful. The Board gave Mr. Cheeks and his counsel time to submit a brief defending the legality of the proposed law to be placed on the ballot.

Supports may want to contact DC Council Members to show their support.

Mr. William Walker III, DR. Cornell West, Attorney Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz of Black Lawyers for Justice - BLFJ and Mr. John C. Cheeks Executive Director of The United States Citizens Recovery Initiative Alliance All Support the D.C. Recovery Act for the Living Descendants of American Slaves. — at the National Press Club Journalism Institute. February 21, 2017.

Nation of Islam Minister Kadir Muhammad of Mosque #4 in Washington, DC - Mr. John Cheeks Proposer of The DC Recovery Act for Living Descendants of American Slaves and National of Islam Western Regional Minister & Minister of Mosque #27 In Los Angeles, CA Tony Muhammad Discuss Recovery and Reparations.